Each team sport in ORYA operates under the support and guidance of a volunteer Advisory Group (AG). AG’s are typically parents of players within the program and their function is to support the operation of the sport each season. A function of the AG is to oversee sport-specific fundraising which supports the needs of each sport outside the scope of what standard player fees cover. Fundraising money is most often utilized for equipment, uniforms or apparel for players or volunteer coaches, indoor/outdoor field space, professional coaching or program support, summer camps, clinics, tournament fees, etc.

  • Baseball | Opening Day

    At the start of the season all baseball players come together in one day to celebrate the start of the season, have pictures taken, participate in the Pitch, Hit & Run contest, play games and raise money for the program.

  • Basketball | Bobcat Tournament

    Over the weekend of March 10-12 ORYA Basketball hosts a local tournament with over 40 teams representing grades 3-8. Teams battle for the championship while ORYA basketball raises money via concessions, tournament fees and in-person 50/50 and raffle drawings.

  • Football | Calendar Raffle & UNH Opening Day

    ORYA Football solicited some amazing donations from local-area businesses to create a prize calendar. Each day a raffle ticket was drawn and the winner was awarded the prize of the day.

  • Lacrosse | Apparel Sale

    Players and parents alike have the opportunity to gear up while generating money for the program. In partnership with Collin’s Sports ORYA Lacrosse will have a webstore open for a week in order for families to choose between the items picked out for you by the ORYA Lacrosse coordinators.

  • Soccer | To Be Named

    ORYA Soccer will create a new fundraising committee to help oversee a sport-initiative for the 2017-2018 season. Have an idea? Please reach out!


The Oyster River Youth Association provides inclusive, fair, diverse and developmentally appropriate recreational programs to the youth of Durham, Lee and Madbury, NH. ORYA meets the changing needs of the children and families in our community for sports and recreational activities by acquiring and maintaining facilities, promoting volunteerism and seeking collaborative and strategic partnerships.