Volunteer Spotlight

Katie Hallowell– An ORYA Volunteer with a Passion for Sports and Our Youth

By Zach Leichtman


For the past five years, Katie Hallowell’s passion for helping others and eagerness to learn has made her a great representation of the influence ORYA’s volunteers can have. Hallowell loves helping kids have the “outlet” of playing sports, and enjoys the challenge of both improving herself as a coach while also passing along everything she can to her players to grow has athletes and people. From when she first started volunteering with her niece’s U6 soccer team, Hallowell is continually amazed at the progression that she’s seen from the players in the program, noting that she strives to provide a platform to help individuals at all skill levels grow in their own way.

            Her youthful nature has allowed her to connect with players at a variety of age groups, and her commitment to the community, despite not living in it, can be seen in Hallowell’s roles as a head youth soccer coach, member of the ORYA Soccer Board of Directors, and volunteer for other sports as well. Between working full-time in Portsmouth, going on hikes with her dogs, and training for a half-marathon, Hallowell is constantly heavily involved in volunteering for ORYA, and is a shining example of the dedication and impact that so many volunteers across all programs bring to our community. Moving forward, Hallowell stresses the need for as many volunteers as possible to help continue to improve the platform that ORYA provides in empowering the kids and young adults of Oyster River.


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