• Spring & Summer Program 2020

    ORYA will be offering socially distanced summer baseball between June 15 – August 15 this summer for kids at the following levels: Babe Ruth (ages 13-15), Majors (10-12), Minors, (8-10), and Coach Pitch (6-8). Unfortunately we will be unable to offer Tee Ball this spring/summer.

    Registration has opened and will close on Tuesday, June 9th. If you are interested in playing, you must register before the deadline.

    Let us acknowledge two things off the top:

    • We recognize that not everyone may be comfortable to gather just yet, even under the state-mandated restrictions, and we respect that. But we wanted to offer a baseball option to those families who are ready—and who are willing to participate under state-mandated rules and guidelines in order to protect the health of our kids, families, and community.
    • We also recognize that even with adopting the state restrictions, we cannot eliminate all risk. Like everyone else, we will do the best we can, with the knowledge and guidance we have, and be ready to modify our approach when necessary, changing on the fly to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

    Assuming we get enough players to enroll—and enough coaches to help—the new socially distanced summer baseball league will be real baseball, starting with small-group, socially distanced practices (as currently permitted under Phase 1 restrictions) and building to live games against each other (if permitted under Phase 2 restrictions, which have still yet to be released but are expected to come soon).

    Please scroll down to see some program implementations related to getting back to play.

    NH Stay at Home 2.0 Universal Guidelines  NH Amateur & Youth Sports Reopening Guidelines

    REG DEADLINE | June 9

    Specific program logistics (days, times, etc.) will only be determined once the registration window closes and your baseball coordinators understand interest level from players and volunteer coaches. Only then can your volunteer coordinators finalize program plans, logistics and viability.  Following the registration deadline, communications will go to each age group with more specific program details, including the player fee. At that time you will have the choice to continue with the program or be removed from the program.

  • spring & summer Program | Phase 1 expectations

    This is a working list. As information becomes available and numbers are determined, ORYA baseball will continue to work on how best to put required safety guidelines into practice. As things change or are updated, they will be reflected below but all participants will receive clear communications prior to getting started.

    • Teams will gather for practices and split immediately into groups of five or six kids and one or two coaches. This core group of five or six kids (and their coaches) will stay the same, as long as Phase 1 restrictions last, to limit exposure to wider groups.
    • Practices will be developed so players are able to maintain social distancing.
    • Over the course of a practice, Group A would be working in one location on the field while group B works in a totally different location.
    • Both coaches and kids will be required to carry hand sanitizer as part of their equipment bags and will be asked to use it—before, during and after practice and required to use it at every water break.
    • A social distance of six feet will be maintained at all times.
    • Coaches will wear masks at all times.
    • Kids must have a mask, as part of their equipment bag, but won’t be required to wear it unless conditions mandate. Kids who do not have a mask will be provided with one.
    • There will be no huddles, no high fives, no chewing gum, no sunflower seeds, no spitting, no licking of fingers, no sharing of equipment and no parents allowed on or near the fields, outside of the coaches themselves.
    • Catchers will be assigned gear and only that child will use said gear.
    • Any ORYA gear or equipment will be disinfected following use.
    • Parents must take their child’s temperature before every practice and hold them out of practice, if they have a fever over 100, have other symptoms related to COVID-19, or have had known exposure to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
    • Coaches must take their own temperature before every practice and stay home if they have a fever over 100, have other symptoms related to COVID-19, or have had known exposure to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
    • Children or coaches who report feeling sick during a practice will also be asked to leave.

  • spring & summer Program | Phase 2 expectations

    The State has outlined only a draft form of guidelines for a phase 2 approach to amateur and youth sports. It is expected this phase will allow larger groups (up to 50), scrimmage and game play among other either loosened or expanded guidelines. We will continue to prepare for a transition to phase 2 and will announce those in-practice guidelines as soon as they become available.




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