The ORYA Travel Hockey mission is to provide a fun and safe environment for players to experience while learning and playing the game of hockey. Hockey teams are designed to support players of equal skill along with providing teams correct league placement that encourages success as an individual and teammate. ORYA Travel Hockey plays in a multi league program, which requires a high level of commitment. We expect our players to be fully committed to the program to ensure satisfaction. Our primary goal is to allow all players to reach their potential and have fun learning to love the game of hockey.


ORYA’s Learn to Skate Program teams up with local area coaches to develop young skaters balance, skating muscles while teaching them the basics of skating. Learning to fall, to get back to their feet, how to glide & stop will be taught as each player reaches certain milestones. Many kids participate in this class over multiple winters until their skills & confidence on skates allows them to move on to hockey or figure skating programs.

ORYA’s Intro to Hockey Program: Once you have a competent skater on your hands, our program is the perfect program to learning what hockey is all about. This program was specifically designed to be low cost, low commitment and high value. With our equipment swap program many families may be able to borrow all of the equipment needed to give hockey a try in a once per week program based on fun and time with the puck. Our 2, back-to-back, sessions allow players to give hockey a try without making a massive commitment but also allows players that want to continue a full winter of hockey. A perfect introduction to the sport! Please view the full program description HERE prior to registering.

ORYA’s REC Hockey Program: This is ORYA’s approach to the classic Mite age groups. We’ve created a developmental-focused program consisting of local, non-results based play. Following USA Hockey’s Developmental Model and curriculum our players will play twice per week at Churchill Rink while also participating in cross-ice play at Dover’s Ice Arena. This offers players lots of time on the ice without focusing on game results. Dover’s Cross Ice league meets every other weekend offering flexibility for parents to have weekends off or participate in other things. This approach offers a great mix of developmental time on the ice and local ice without becoming an official travel hockey family. While the target age groups for this program are 2009, 2010, and 2011 birth years most age groups can participate if they are at the appropriate skill level. Please view the full program description HERE prior to registering.

ORYA Travel Hockey participates in 2 leagues during the season. The New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association (NHAHA) is the main league in which teams participate and provides the most games during the season that are located throughout the state of New Hampshire. The Seacoast Hockey League is the second league in which our teams participate and provides local games. Travel Hockey is offered to girls and boys from ages 9-16, click here to view USA Hockey age classification. ORYA Travel Hockey hosts evaluations mid-march take place for players and the results of the evaluations will be used to split up the teams evenly based on skill. Click here to view team selection process.

  • Learn To Skate

    This program are for the floppy ankles, baby deer and banana peel steppin’ kids out there! Come to Churchill Rink and learn to skate with ORYA. Our program encourages young skaters to develop balance, skating muscles, falling the RIGHT way while having fun on the ice without the use of walkers or balance aids! Participants are welcome to wear any single blade hockey or figure skates (no double runners) since they’ll be learning the basics which translates to all skating. All participants are REQUIRED to wear a helmet and no participants, parents or guardians are allowed on the ice without skates.

    LOCATION: Churchill Rink

    AGES: 4-12
    SATURDAYS: 1:00-1:50

    SESSION 2 DATES: Jan. 13, 20, 27 Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24
    COST: $129

  • Intro to Hockey

    A quick-start to hockey program for competent skaters. Our program offers families the opportunity to try hockey before committing to becoming an official hockey family. Offered for just 8 weeks per session and once per week your competent skater can try their hand at hockey without a massive commitment.
    Our equipment share will greatly support equipment requirements and, over time, we hope to be able to outfit all players in the program. Come and give hockey a try with us!

    *Competent Skaters Only

    Ages & Program Description

    Saturdays | 11:50-12:50

    SESSION 2 DATES: Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27 / Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24

    TUITION: $150 per session


    This is a perfect opportunity to get your player ready for the next level without making the full leap to travel hockey. Our local approach and focus on development over games is a perfect program to grow and build each player’s skill set. Twice per week practices will follow USA Hockey’s age-appropriate curriculum and will, most importantly, be fun! To give players game experiences without the travel and focus on winning, we will play in Dover Ice Arena’s cross-ice league which meets every other Sunday and offers 3on3 hockey – perfect for lots of touches with the puck. Worried about equipment costs? Ask about our equipment share!

    *Full Program Description
    Practices T & Th | 4:30-5:20
    Games | Alternating Sundays
    BIRTH YEARS: 2009, 2010, 2011 +others
    TUITION: $650

  • Travel Hockey

    ORYA’s Travel hockey program offers players the opportunity to play with players of similar ability in local and regional leagues. Teams are selected in March for the following year and teams will begin training once the ice is in at Churchill Rink – typically mid October. Teams will also compete in tournaments appropriate for their teams level at the end of the season.


    AGES: 9-14

    EVALUATIONS FOR 2017-2018

    SEASON: March 2017


    All girls that are interested in the U14 ORYA Girls team are invited to attend the 2017 hockey evaluations. We ask that all girls try out during the appropriate age evaluation. If enough girls are interested in a team they will be placed in the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girls Hockey League (MYCGL). Team commitment offers twice per week practice with a 3rd, skills session, every other week during the season. For more information on the different age levels please visit the USA Hockey website or contact the ORYA office.


    AGES: U14

    LOCATION: Churchill Rink


The Oyster River Youth Association provides inclusive, fair, diverse and developmentally appropriate recreational programs to the youth of Durham, Lee and Madbury, NH. ORYA meets the changing needs of the children and families in our community for sports and recreational activities by acquiring and maintaining facilities, promoting volunteerism and seeking collaborative and strategic partnerships.