“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.”  - Elizabeth Andrew, Habitat for Humanity

Volunteers are the most important resource to community organizations like ORYA. Without YOU there is no ORYA.

The stereotype of a volunteer is no longer a stay at home parent with time on their hands. It is now a busy mother or father, a teenager or college student in need of volunteer hours or even a grand-parent stepping in to support overloaded parents. You’re all busy, you are all having a crazy week but you must remember why you volunteer and why it is important.

You volunteer to:

  • Help others
  • Contribute to your community
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Challenge yourself
  • Improve quality of life
  • Ensure that your own child will have a great experience.

Your volunteerism benefits ORYA by...

  • Offering refreshed energy
  • Expanding opportunities
  • Offering new ideas
  • Keeping costs down
  • Lessening overall workloads
  • Bringing specialized skills to our programs
  • Keeping our community's vision local and current.

Thank you for the service, time, dedication and devotion you provide to make our world a better place. We count on YOU and look forward to thanking you for a job well done!


Outside of any volunteer's specific role, each and every person that volunteers with ORYA must do their best to adhere to the following decorum:

  • To be sincere in your offer of service and believe in the value of the job to be done
  • To be loyal to the organization and the others with whom you work
  • To maintain the dignity and integrity of the organization with the public
  • To understand the job or role you have volunteered for
  • To carry out duties promptly and reliably to the best of your ability
  • To be willing to learn and participate in any required orientation & training programs
  • To accept the guidance and decisions of ORYA staff or program coordinators
  • To maintain a smooth-working relationship with others and not overstep the bounds of your volunteer role or position
  • To contribute to supervision by self-evaluation and willingness to ask for support and feedback



    As a head coach for most sports you will be responsible for planning or leading your group of players in their practices and games. You will also be responsible for communicating with your team at a minimum of once per week and being the liaison between your team and your program coordinator(s). League or ORYA sponsored background checks are required for all coaches.


    Assistant coaches are responsible to support the head coach in practices and games by conveying information from the head coach to players as needed. They also support the head coach by communicating with players individually within sessions, managing in-practice player behaviors, filling in for head coach conflicts and supporting equipment set up and break down. League or ORYA sponsored background checks are required for all coaches.


    For sports with concessions, volunteers could be responsible for the set up and break down of concessions areas, transport of sale items, collection of money, basic cooking of concession items, inventory oversight, relaying orders to ORYA or Concessions Coordinators, securing donations for sale, proper disposal or storage of sale items and following any other ORYA or sport-specific concessions guidelines. This is a great option for those not interested in coaching.


    Volunteers can opt to support sport-specific fundraising initiatives or ORYA wide initiatives. This are extremely important roles that ensure costs stay as low as possible, financial aid can be offered for those in need and funds are available for program or equipment improvements. Responsibilities could include, but are not limited to, developing an initiative, creating initiative schedules & proposals to ORYA, soliciting and collecting donations/gifts/raffle items, communications, on-site events, record keeping, handling donations and/or money, managing other volunteers, etc.


    Do you have special skills that could benefit ORYA in other ways? Could you offer your construction expertise to support facility improvements? Are you a wiz with social media? Have experience developing larger corporate donations? An expert in grant writing? Your support of the organization is how we survive and support can take on almost any method. Let us know if your special skill can be utilized to support or grow ORYA.