• GOLF

    In our inaugural ORYA golf offering players will be able to develop their golf game on the range and course. Pease Golf instructors will work with our golfers on the range covering the fundamentals of putting, chipping and full swing. Additional time will be spent on the course learning etiquette, pace of play guidelines and how the course is different from the range.

    Tips on equipment for beginner players: A full set of clubs is not necessary for this program. If your son or daughter is new to the sport and wants to try it, you can search for used equipment at sporting good stores or rent from area courses such as Pease Golf Course, where they will be practicing. Even craigslist can be a source for inexpensive used golf clubs. A youth starter set typically includes a few irons (5, 7, 9, PW) a Driver 3WD and a putter. For someone trying out the sport a limited set is often more than sufficient.



The Oyster River Youth Association provides inclusive, fair, diverse and developmentally appropriate recreational programs to the youth of Durham, Lee and Madbury, NH. ORYA meets the changing needs of the children and families in our community for sports and recreational activities by acquiring and maintaining facilities, promoting volunteerism and seeking collaborative and strategic partnerships.

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