The purpose of the ORYA basketball program is to teach kids grades K-8 the fundamentals of the game so that they can enjoy playing for a lifetime. Evaluations will take place for players in grades 3-8 and the results of the evaluations will be used to split up the teams evenly based on skill. In grades 7-8, evaluation results will be used to select tournament teams.


ORYA’s Basketball program offers a place to play for kids from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Each age group offers age-appropriate skill development in a fun environment with volunteer coaches. All players within the K-4th grade groups will participate in an in-house program with no travel to other communities. Coaches focus mainly on developing individual skills while creating a love for the game. As players reach the 5th to 8th grade level they are introduced to league play and competition against other towns. Coaches within these age groups begin to introduce players to the tactics and positioning of the game assuming players will have a good fundamental base by participating in our younger program.

  • Grades K, 1&2

    Players are introduced to the basic concepts of the game; dribbling with fingertips and with both hands, moving the ball in all directions, passing and receiving, two-handed shooting, in addition to learning basic rules and elements of the game. Playing fun games with hoops at a maximum of 8 feet provide higher levels of success for players of this age range, where technique is key!

  • Grades 3&4

    Players in this program begin to train once per week and meet on Saturdays for 3v3 scrimmage play. This in-house program allows ORYA coaches to maximize touches on the ball, usage of 8 foot hoops and attention to detail. Individual skill and technique combined with introductions to rebounding, offensive and defensive positioning, game rules, and basic off-ball movement are incorporated.

    Gr. 3-4 Description

    2018 DETAILS | TBD

  • Grades 5&6

    Players begin to play more official games on the weekends but the program remains in-house so our coaches can control the competitiveness and playing environment. Real referees will be utilized and games will be scheduled on Saturdays at either the Middle or High School. Please take a look at the full program description for more details.

    Gr. 5-6 Description

    2018 DETAILS | TBD

  • Grades 7&8

    Our oldest age group will have a different approach for our girls and boys program this year to ensure each is playing as competitive games as possible. Our girls will play in-house to better allow middle school players to participate during the earlier part of the season. Our Boys teams will continue league play with the SENH Basketball league since that has been a good match for their level of play. Check out the full program descriptions below.

ORYA Mission Statement

The Oyster River Youth Association provides inclusive, fair, diverse, and developmentally appropriate recreational programs to the youth of Durham, Lee, and Madbury, NH. ORYA meets the changing needs of the children and families in our community for sports and recreational activities by acquiring and maintaining facilities, promoting volunteerism, and seeking collaborative and strategic partnerships.